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The Canadian West

We are only halfway through 2019 and I have already been treated to an incredible amount of travelling. Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to visit both Calgary and Vancouver with my friend Connor. We were travelling for a job but we still made the best of the weekends and made sure to see some friends along the way.

Locations have been put in quotes because there was no place that was too far to travel by car. From Banff to Jasper and Vancouver to Whistler. Once we had our hearts set on a spot, we didn’t stop until we got what we wanted.

Big shout out to everyone I saw and met along the way. Give them a follow.




A couple weeks after we touched down in Calgary, Connor and myself found ourselves in Vancouver. This was the first time I have ever been in British Columbia and it was the perfect way to spend my 25th birthday. The west coast treated us well and made sure to show off the moody weather it has come to be known for.

Thomas Skrlj