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Behind the Scenes: Team Canada - Be Olympic


About a year ago, I had the unique privilege of being hired by The Canadian Olympic Committee to shoot behind the scene photographs for their new campaign, “Be Olympic”.  The spot was aired prior to the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympic Winter Games and it was quite an experience to see it all come together.

This was my first time doing behind the scenes photographs and I surely hope it is not my last.  Not only is a production of this scale an incredible process to document but the location and atmospheric details created an environment I will never forget.   

This first scene focused on the women’s hockey team.  The goal with this scene was to capture the essence of the legendary women who make and have previously made Canada’s women’s hockey team.


This scene reflected on speed skater, Denny Morrison and a motorcycle crash he survived years prior.  To think that someone can go from a life altering crash to being ready to compete in an Olympic games goes to show the lengths these athletes will go in their quest for gold.


In another example of resilience, this scene touched on snowboarder Mark McMorris who also suffered a life threatening crash just months before the shoot and less than a year away from the 2018 games where he would go on to take home a bronze medal.


This last scene was also my favourite.  From the set design, styling, lighting and the ski trio Dufour-Lapointe sisters humorous personalities on set, it had all the ingredients to making this an enjoyable scene for everyone.


While these are just a few of the behind the scenes photographs, I would urge you all to view the final spot to see what two days, dozens of people and  hard work created.  

Special thanks to The Canadian Olympic Committee providing me the opportunity to document share this work with you all.


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